I came, i saw, I conquered!

This is a piece inspired by June the 16th.. known to South Africans as ‘Youth Day’ ! And what better way to express how i feel than to do a little Madiba piece? 🙂 Check it out!



Poster Design – ‘Mr Siz RockSteady’

Hi All! I recently let my captive Creative monkey run loose, and this is what i was able to come up with! Check it out 🙂

Water bottle wrap Design

These are some designs i did for a clients new water bottle wrap.. Check it out!

Ferodo Racing 2011

I have recently been working on Ferodo’s race car division for 2011. These are some of the images of the wraps i designed for the Race Cars! I’ve also included a picture of how the team’s shirts are going to look this season. Check it out! 🙂

This is how the Shirts are going to look!

RockSteady Crew- “Rock” theme posters

Hi dear folks! These are some posters I randomly decided to design for my Crew that I blogged about in my previous posts! Please check them out! 🙂


‘Trickled Thoughts’ -My expressions


This is a piece I designed at work with little happiness & over flowing frustration! {LOL} So in a nutshell, what i’m saying is that.. Captive or Trickled thoughts produce corn..!

2 Snaps of My ’10 Festive Season